About us


LOGOS Virtual Assistants is a premium, full-service staffing and project-based outsourcing business model for remote talent.

LOGOS Virtual Assistants can offer a low-cost, efficient, competent, motivated, and high-value human capital resource who can perform any variety of tasks and responsibilities in support of your business operations.

For a fixed-monthly fee, we undergo the recruitment, screening, and selection process for the right candidate personality to fit the job you require filled, or assign them from our existing network of active or pending VAs. We pay the VAs well, so they start and remain motivated and responsible working on behalf of your business.

We offer a premium client-vendor experience through partnership and consultation on all matters that you would like us involved in, as we engage and source your new Virtual Assistant or team of Virtual Assistants.

Demand is rising for outsourced virtual assistants, from business owners and managers of any sized organization and business vertical markets. We are here to provide a:

  • Qualitative Experience
  • Premium Solution
  • At Scalable and Predictable Cost.

Engage with us as your service provider to help you source the human talent needed to fill core administrative, customer service, and support-based workflows.

Whether your business is scaling quickly, or scaling in a phased and gradual manner, our Virtual Assistant solutions can match and adapt to your expectations and requirements for new human capital.

Perhaps your business is considering cutting existing capacity costs, or restraining the growth of future projected labor costs? Our Virtual Assistant service is a guaranteed viable option to enhance or maintain human capacity, without a compromise on quality.

Invest in Your Business…

Invest for Time Savings…

Invest for Improved Outcomes…

Invest in a LOGOS Virtual Assistant….