Saves you Time: Hiring a remote, outsourced virtual assistant can save you and other in-house staff at your business considerable time in doing important but mundane administrative tasks, client intake duties, or anything at all you decide to utilize them for.

Saves you time from having to look for talent on your own initiative, by outsourcing the recruitment, screening, management, job postings, and invested time required to find the right fit. Outsource that effort and save yourself valuable time.

Save you Money: Save on payroll taxes and healthcare benefits that you would not be responsible for, as you would only pay a monthly service provider fee that you can categorize as a standard operational business expense.

Greater Cost Efficiency: Enhanced Productivity, ‘Net’, on a per-dollar basis: They can offer you 50-80% productivity replacement of a domestically-hired employee, depending on the delegated task the values will vary. Occasionally, depending on the match, the Virtual Assistant can actually offer net greater productivity than a locally-hired individual. It’s like sourcing an in-house employee, but leveraging the value of a service to eliminate the burdens of

Spanish Bilingual Capacity: They can provide Bilingual Spanish/English capacity for those businesses that need Spanish acumen in servicing their clients with a familiar and perfect Spanish delivery.

Offer Longevity Value and Minimize Turnover: They can become durable, reliable, and committed members of your business, helping to minimize turnover and provide you labor longevity. LOGOS Virtual Assistants agents are compensated well, and are provided incentives to motivate their commitment to the Client-Vendor-Agent relationship, making them less likely to look for alternative employment and they will strive to grow with your business if given the opportunity.

To offer quality, competent, capable people to work for you on a dedicated, part-time, or  project-basis. Offer value-added support and a full-service customer service experience.   Provide you Premium-quality people, for a marginal and reasonable low-cost for their labor.

Instill in each Virtual Assistant a concept of dedication and ownership of their work, and the value they extend to each client project. Foster professionalism, work ethic, and human dignity within the economic relational sphere.
  1. Consider the range of work responsibilities and tasks that you wish to delegate. Also consider the current time required for you or your internal staff manage those itemized workflow tasks.
  2. Quantify the time savings, enhanced productivity, or replacement capacity value on the items that you’ve determined are able to be delegated to a virtual assistant.
  3. Consider your monthly cash flow, gross and net revenue metrics vs operational expenses. If there is room to invest $800-$1,700 per month to augment, grow, replace, enhance, or improve your human capacity for a more efficient operation, then allocate that budget. Quantify that investment cost in an annual/recurring monthly overlay, and commit to it in order to see it through.
  4. Consider and measure how this operational expense, can unlock revenue generating value, by freeing up other human capital to work more efficiently on revenue generating activity.
  5. If you’re looking for more quality and a consistent presence, consider full-time or 30/hr per week placements. If you’re looking for marginal commitment part-time if given workflow requirement is limited, then choose this option. If you’re looking to scale or grow a team then consider the project/team-based option.

We do not have a binding fixed-term contract. We do have a Service Agreement which governs the
general terms of our engagement and detailed Scope of Work. It offers a flexible and immediate
cancellation clause, thus not keeping you bound to a contract in the traditional sense. There are no
penalties for cancellation therefore removing any other restraint normally found in a traditional service

For Bi-lingual Spanish/English VAs, we primarily source our agents from Colombia. Colombia has a large regional population, a highly educated and experienced younger and mid-aged middle class, while having great English language skills when compared to regional peers. We do go outside of Colombia, depending on the project requirements, and can source from Mexico, Central America, Argentina & Brazil, and Venezuela.

For English-Only VAs, we exclusively source from the Philippines. The Philippines has a very large population, with exceptional English skills compared to any other non-English speaking country. The pool of talent with Call Center/VA experience is notable, across various regions of the country, thus affording the discovery of great talent. There’s a reason why the Philippines is #1 in the world for the Call Center industry, and small businesses as well should begin to further leverage the value of working with talented remote Filipinos.

Yes! We do offer Bilingual Spanish/English speakers. It’s one of our strengths to provide you with the most qualified, talented, top Spanish/English speakers to work for your business. Although we prioritize and normally only staff Spanish bilingual speakers, on a project basis, other languages that are required can be considered and we can customize a project to partner with you and source other language Virtual Assistants that may be required.

We offer a monthly, fixed-fee recurring charge for the package selected. You provide us with your billing information which we hold on file to run the recurring monthly charges. You can also pay via a payment link which we provide with a monthly invoice. All credit cards are accepted. PayPal is also accepted.

A request to replace an agent can be made with five (5) day notice. We require a minimum of ten (10) days and/or a maximum of fifteen (15) days to adequately replace the virtual assistant per the Client request. During this time window for replacement, the number of business days will be tracked and the amount of time off that a Virtual Assistant is not working for the client will be monetarily deducted from the monthly fee amount. The day-rate amount for each business day a Virtual Assistant is not working during a given term due to the replacement policy, will be communicated and deducted from your monthly charge.

All bonuses that a client authorizes to be given to the Virtual Assistant, will 100% pass-through to the agent. LOGOS Virtual Assistants will not take any service fees for any authorized bonus. Agents will be notified of the allocated budget and fully receive the amount. The bonus is added to the recurring monthly charge in the following month of service charges.

Confidentiality. Service Provider, and Service Provider’s employees, agents, consultants or subcontractors will not at any time or in any manner, either directly or indirectly, use for the personal benefit of Service Provider or personal individual use, or divulge, disclose or communicate in any manner any information that is proprietary to the Client. Service Provider will protect such information and treat it as strictly confidential. This provision shall continue to be effective after the termination of this Agreement. Upon termination of this Agreement, Service Provider will return to Client all records, notes documentation and other items that were used, created, or controlled by Service Provider, if applicable, during the term of this Agreement with the exception of items purchased by Service Provider and not reimbursed by the Client. 

       Confidentiality Agreement. The “Client”, the “Service Provider”, and Service Provider’s employees, agents, consultants or subcontractors, will not disclose the terms and conditions of this Agreement to anyone other than their respective attorneys, accountants and other professional advisors, except as required by applicable law or regulation or by operation of law, provided that each party may disclose only such information as is legally required, and provided further that each party shall provide the other with reasonable notice of such requirement and a reasonable opportunity to object to such disclosure.

Client’s can provide us with their in-house Non-Disclosure Agreements, of which we will sign as the Service Provider, and can also have the Virtual Assistant sign it as well. If requested by the client, LOGOS Virtual Assistants can issue our own non-disclosure agreement as well.

Non-Solicitation of Employees/Contractors. The parties shall not, during the Term and for a period of twelve (12) months thereafter, or as otherwise outlined in the Statement of Work outline, directly or indirectly solicit, employ, offer to employ, or engage as a consultant, any employee, agent, consultant or subcontractor of the other party.

        Yes! You will always have a dedicated person who will serve as your account manager and primary contact for any needs related to your service. At this early stage of our company launch and early operations, you’ll be getting serviced directly by the CEO of LOGOS Virtual Assistants as your primary contact.

We are located in The Woodlands, TX, in the greater Houston area. All Virtual Assistants work remotely from home. Although on a case-by-case basis, especially for team projects at scale, we can arrange for VAs to work from a dedicated office location.

Yes! For every referral that a client passes to us that signs up as a client, there will be a number of communicated incentives which will depend on the scope of that referral’s engagement. Often times it will result in monetary discounts on your existing monthly charges. Also, if more than 3 referrals close through a client’s referral, permanent fixed-fee reductions will be offered on the existing charges of the referring party.  

Yes! You can either trust us to make the best selection for your business and project. Or you can choose to interview and pre-screen finalist candidates in order to make your own personal selection. Free and open-ended video meetings can be coordinated for you if there is a desire to be involved in the selection process.

The top three (3) primary factors that govern our approach to selection, is English, Skills & Experience, and Professionalism.

Within the English segment, we ensure to find the best English speakers available at the given cost levels of the various packages included. We do thorough interview screenings on video to test for clear articulation, clarity of thought, speed of delivery, and sound pronunciation. We also test for writing comprehension, sentence structure, and speed of reading. On the English classification scale, we tend to look for only mid-to high B2, C1, and C2 levels. In house testing for this is given in order to measure and quantify English-level standards.

For Skills and Experience, we look for depth of experience, longevity and diversity of experiences, specific skill sets possessed, competencies and challenges of the previous work experiences, Thorough screening of background experiences allow us to walk in the shoes of the person’s life, and determine their standing in our qualitative human analysis scale. Appropriate discernment of these elements help towards placing the right talent for the right client and job. We seek insights into their attentiveness to detail and foster around this subject to uncover further insights into experience factors

For the element of Professionalism, we look for strong personalities that carry confidence, ability, and energy. We but also have the knack to discover the quiet yet innately powerful personalities that add significant productivity and reliability, while maintaining a more quiet demeanor. We like to foster excellence, dependability, ethics and responsibility in the way we carry ourselves individually, and how that extends towards placing upmost value in the client relationship. All agents will come with these intangibles as part of their experience with LOGOS Virtual Assistants.
There are normally two different angles to approach this question:
  • The Client takes ownership of their own ecosystem, and implements any set of tools or manual checks to ensure an assigned virtual assistant are properly doing their jobs. Due to the circumstances of the client exposing the VA to broad and detailed internal workflows that are normally not fully shared entirely to the account manager of the service provider, only the client will directly know the nature and quality of the work output required. Having agents signed in to your internal CRMs and Time platforms can help to fully integrate them into your ecosystem and thus you would have more operational control on manually checking for yourself to know if a VA is working or not.
  • The client asks the Service Provider to service them with reliability checks that the VA is working. LOGOS Virtual Assistants can help with this by providing the client with admin/management access to remote tracking tools like Time Doctor or Hubstaff. A small additional fee of $50 is assessed monthly for the inclusion of these services for each VA on a given project. Management can waive these fees on a case-by-case basis depending on the project, and often times include it within the service if hiring two or more VAs.

The above two points are primarily for how to understand if specific or core operational workflows are being done by the VA. Separately, LOGOS Virtual Assistants does require that all contracted Virtual Assistants report in and out of work on each given day within our own internal platforms, so we do assess their daily presence and punctuality, and track all absences and deviations accordingly. We also put to use the same software’s mentioned, Time Doctor and Hubstaff.
Yes! We take a consultative approach and discuss and execute your human capital needs for your scalability objectives. We will take a proactive approach as if constructing a BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) project, and customize a detailed proposal and Scope of Work for the organization of your new team of Virtual Assistants
We check for the operational integrity and reliability of home computer equipment, headsets, Internet Service Provider, Connectivity Speed and Capacity, and Electricity Reliability. We thoroughly understand the home environment of the working VA, their living conditions, proximity to noise our outside noise factors, and assess weak points for quality that we then address and mitigate within an onboarding process. We also assist agents to amplify noise reduction by installing Krisp noise cancelling software, and ensure clarity, crispness, and diction are well managed within the equipment being used by the virtual assistant.
We treat our agents like adults. We hire responsible people, and therefore we extend them the courtesy of a work-life balance that affords them the dignity of self-responsibility. You the client, who are managing them on a day-to-day basis, will have the primary impact on their work environment. They will operate under your management and supervision, stresses in your office extend to them, and the natural pressures and challenges of your business will also extend to your virtual assistant

What we do is to remind them frequently of why they are there, offer them support on the back-end, motivating incentives to keep them enthusiastic about their roles with your business, and offer skill development programs and courses to keep them sharp and continuously evolving professionally. We strive to keep people in our umbrella, and give them reasons to stay for the long-term and not consider alternative options.

Our work environment is essentially entrepreneurial in nature, sophisticated in its interactions, with a strong self-responsibility ethics template.
Our work environment is essentially entrepreneurial in nature, sophisticated and productive in its interactions, with a strong self-responsibility ethics template. We strive for the universal principles of Order, Reason, and Logic, the essence of LOGOS. Right Ordering in personal conduct, expressed as a business application, will provide more complete ‘value’ in a person’s labor on your behalf. Find people with integrity to help you solve every day problems and needs for your business. Give us the chance to become a trusted vendor-partner, and we’ll help solve some of your human capital needs.
No! A client cannot have their assigned virtual assistant work for, or do any recurring delegated tasks, on- behalf of an outside party not related to the contracting client. A client can have the VA work for any staff member of the contracting client, and can have them working with any number of people within their own ecosystem. They just can’t be shared with any other outside entities
You have the flexibility to adjust your package, within reason. For example, you can’t switch from full-time to part-time, and then back again, repeatedly and consistently over the course of a year. We ask that you consider the stability of the assigned agent and the client-vendor relationship, and do your best to choose the best package up front and commit to it.

However, we do understand that dynamics can change and you may need to scale up a VA’s hours, or scale down. You are afforded the ability to do this on request. Depending on the impact to the stability factor of an assigned agent, LOGOS Virtual Assistants reserves the right to swap or replace agents that may be more suitably aligned to the adjusted package cost.
Yes. Assigned agents can be requested to come with outside phone access, and even customized to a specific area code if needed. This is if you plan on having the virtual assistant handle client intake and outbound calls from their own phone ecosystem, that we will provide them to service your account.

Most clients however choose to integrate the virtual assistants into their own phone ecosystems, assigning them phone software access thus not requiring them to come with an outside phone platform. This allows a more complete control and management of the phone ecosystem and businesses normally choose to integrate VAs. If you’re cost conscious and/or have limitations in your own phone ecosystem, we can have the virtual assistant fully ready and operating with their own platform.

No! We do not charge any additional fees for the recruitment, selection, onboarding, or management/supervision process. Our fees are collected within the structure of the monthly pricing. So you get one clear monthly cost, and in return you’ll get a full-service experience.